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Catalogue ID: UD
Vendor: Jihostroj


The UD series hydraulic gear pumps are developed from a proven style and displacement of series UC. The shaft end cover and port end cover of this pump are made of gray iron, the gear housing is of shaped sectional pole of aluminium alloy. The pumps are fixed together by four passing capscrews M12 of high-strength steel. They are equipped with the hydraulic balancing of axial clearance, which is done by sealing in the end face bearings. Comparing previous model have the UD gear pumps improved characteristics of noise, maximal pressure and efficiency within the whole speed range keeping favourable price. The series UD is produced in a wide scale of displacement Vg=5 to 40 ccm/rev and working pressure up to 30 MPa. They are delivered in unidirectional and reversible design. The pumps are manufactured in a wide range of drives, connecting flanges and fluid input and output. They can also have flow control and safety valve. Their application is in field of small and medium agricultural and construction machines, other mobile hydraulics and medium hydraulic power packs. The UD hydraulic gear pumps are fully compatible with the UC (UN I) series pumps.