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Vendor: Jihostroj


The QHD series hydraulic gear pumps have a shaft end cover of cast iron and massive cast iron body with blind chests. The gears are embedded through sliding housings in the flange and in the body, the pressure balancing is done by pressure plates of sliding aluminium alloy. The sealing of balancing face is in the slots of the pressure plates. The body is connected with the port end cover by eight capscrews M12 from the side of the shaft end cover. Due to massive cast iron design the hydraulic gear pumps series QHD can be used in wide speed range with high working presuure keeping excelent noise characteristics. The QHD series is produced in a wide scale of displacements Vg=10 to 100 ccm/rev and working pressure is up to 32 MPa. Working speed of this series is from 350 to 3200 min-1. The QHD hydraulic gear pumps are produced in an unidirectional and reversible design with variety types of drives, connecting flanges and fluid input and output according to ISO, SAE, UNI and other worldwide accepted standards. They find their application in the field of heavy agricultural and construction machines and in other mobile hydraulics.