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Series-T 3

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Vendor: Jihostroj


T3 line pumps with external gearing can be used - due to their simple construction, compact dimensions, and a wide range of types - in hydraulic systems, handling devices and mobile hydraulics. The basic version consists of several parts. The pump body is made of a heavy duty aluminum alloy. The cover and the flange are made of grey iron or aluminum alloy. The flange types used as well as the form of the working liquid inlet and outlet (located laterally - in the body or axially - in the cover) meet all worldwide standards. The gear wheels with 12 teeth are optimized for low-noise applications. They are made of heavy duty steel. The axle pivots with high quality surface are supported in sliding sleeves, which are continuously lubricated and cooled by a stream of the working liquid. If low weight and small dimensions are required, you can use a special short version (to be used at lower working pressure) - code T3K.

The product range includes also a multiple version with separate inlet ports or one common inlet port.