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Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are single or double acting hydraulic motors with linear reversible motion. They are used as driving units of hydraulically operated equipment, vehicle hoists, forest, agricultural and construction machinery, and in the mobile hydraulics generally. Wide variety of types and terminations of cylinders and pistons makes big variability of applications possible. Hydraulic cylinders are designed for a nominal pressure up to 320 bars according to their type and size. The range of bore of cylinder is from 32 to 100 mm, the diameter of piston rods is from 22 to 80 mm, maximal stroke is up to 1000 mm. The manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders also depends on the weight (due to our limits of manipulation). In frame of these limit parameters, hydraulic cylinders can be designed with the required functionality and built-in dimensions. Steering servo units are application of hydraulic cylinders.


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